A Storm of Golden Mare and Black Cauldron

by Witches Moon

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Yawning Druid
Yawning Druid thumbnail
Yawning Druid This perfectly executed release shows how comfortable The Witch has become across the constantly growing and eclectic discography of Witches Moon.

The Moldy Crypt talks more about this release in an artist highlight of Witches Moon, covering the highlights of the WM career:
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Meatbreak The baroque dungeon synth of yore gets a ferocious black metal rescrub. The Witch's characteristically excellent mystical music box drone combines with frost-bitten buzz and blast to create another compelling fantasy realm.

That artwork gives Sacred Son a real run for his money too! Favorite track: Unto This Ground Where Demons Gather.


released January 9, 2018


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Track Name: Kill Myself
Cut the lights
Free my soul tonight
Fuck humanity
You make me sick to be

Ivory tower
Hung yourself from above
Bleed me
Fucking done with you

I gag

I'm going to kill myself
All your lies
The misty air
I'll cross into the breeze
Track Name: Unto This Ground Where Demons Gather
The moon
Drops its glow
Unto this ground
Where demons gather

My pruning flesh
Digging these fingers into your eyes
I die upon the leaves
My spirit dancing off

Depression takes hold
Cast into the abyss
Claws across my back
Knife across my wrists
Track Name: A Storm of Golden Mare and Black Cauldron
Slit the throat of a goose
Steal its eggs
Watch it die crying

Up in the stratosphere
I find myself tipping over
No such thing as magic
This is the darkest of days

I tie the noose around my neck
Constantly flirting with death
The psychedelics and abuse
The ones that made me choose

Those that left me here to rot
God won't touch on that one
I am lesser than
Black is the forests
Track Name: Hide Inside This Dream
You are the worst curse
Life is consistently puke
I reach toward heaven
reach toward light

This emptiness
O' it's too much
Hide inside this dream
Away from everything

The clouds are growing on
I'm too empty to move
There isn't any light
Only decay

A blackened fog that covers everything
I don't even know who I am anymore
Track Name: Try to Contact Faeries
I've been done since 17
No hope, no dreams
Won't care
Won't breath

Died once already
Everything I love fades
Tried to contact faeries

I'm a lunatic
Emotionally unstable
Self medicating piece of shit

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