A Swing of Sickle to Summers Dawn

by Witches Moon

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Solar Weave
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Solar Weave Within a genre like symphonic/melodic black metal it's becoming harder to find artists that sound original. Witches Moon definitely does, and this album is a perfect example of a lo-fi sound that does not keep a single instrument from becoming audible, as even the bass can be clearly heard despite the lack of low frequencies on this record. The wall of sound carrying repetitive tremolo and synth pagan melodies creates a trance-inducing effect that won't leave you through the whole album. Favorite track: Through the Veil.
Metal Mikey Noir
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Metal Mikey Noir By just the first song I am captivated by symphonic hymns. Parts so grim and parts so melancholic. This album is a masterpiece.
Yawning Druid
Yawning Druid thumbnail
Yawning Druid The corridors are echoing with the souls of the earth. Black metal's dungeon synth side is explored deeply on this release and The Witch's other great works. Favorite track: Change Upon the Horizon.
Ezekiel Fry
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Ezekiel Fry Really unique combination of genres and sounds here. Highly listenable and inspiring. Hope to listen to more by Witches Moon soon! Favorite track: Through the Veil.
Wallow Within
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Wallow Within I kinda surprised myself by hitting play at all on a record that says "dark ambient", however how I feel about it now is even more confusing. It clearly is a good record. Eeything about it is nicely put together, even the ambient parts are ejoyable and fit in amazingly. WM did actually succeed where all the others failed: finding the balance. This is album is still raw and ugly, yet majestic in it's presence. The cover art is awesome, too.
rochambeau12 thumbnail
rochambeau12 So savage and lovely. The sound of it evokes the most exquisite image of a storm clouds gathering over a lonely moor. The raw, passionate of sheer black metal fury is elevated by the masterful use of synths and symphonic elements. This is an artist who deserves more attention than they seem to have received. Despite this being a demo, it shows an incredible amount of polish. I look forward to hearing more of their work in the future.


released August 3, 2017


all rights reserved


Track Name: Change Upon the Horizon
The berries of a fervent Earth start to grow
Butterflies feed upon the carcass of pigs
Blindness of oblivion has shown
The lunar months split the soul

The gown of the priestess of dusk
Slowly unravels over heavens high
Giving way to black moths weeping
Harvesting the cones from pine

By fist, by claps of thunder
Drinking to the winds of change
I've arrived in ether dancing
Laughing to the magical light
Vapors grow upon the horizon
Frozen death from mirrors of water

Juices of the leaky plum
Half eaten on hanging branch
Smells so sweet
Digging up from the soaking soil

Rich syrup of wrath
Blown out in tasks denied
Held over by a bronze sword
Impaled such a shiny beast

Light speckled snow in the garden
The keeper; a young sleeping girl
The protector; frozen
A lantern beckons for renewal
Track Name: Through the Veil
A knife to the herbs
A negation I have found
Helping those whom harm me
Desiring to be their holy vine

Though I look to the shame
I tear through the veil
Two hands on the crown
Returning unseen

These shadows hanging from the moonlight
Beckoning the choices we make
Put them all to death
Make a bloody mess
Track Name: A Swing of Sickle to Summers Dawn
White speckled light
Dancing in the air
Tongue to the water
Leaves cling to the branches

Summer heat collected
Sweat pouring down my neck
Wishing to the stars
Drugs through my body

You force the world to bow to you
I'll spit on your hordes
Crush your skulls between my hands
I'll never dance to your song

This is what the weak become
Your masses filled with sheep
Followers until your death
Unfit for a human being
Unfit for a fucking king

Miasma reaching from my chamber
Now I wait by the sea for what was promised me
Track Name: Gatekeeper
Welcome to the end of the world
Welcome to the final placement
Golden temples grinning down on disgraced faces
Your fucking body is moving spastically
The sky turns blood red, magickally
Go on, beg you motherfuckers
Go on and beg for your next chapters
I am the junk at the gates wasting for your tasteless
This is the scythe, this is your back
My thought will summon the vast and ageless
Flick of the wrist, you get in your cages
You fucking suffer!
Track Name: Wyrm
Some sort of fucking wyrm
Can't fly, only graze in the sun
The hideous sight of my own aura
Makes me want to vomit everything I taste

You've birthed such a hideous beast
My friend, it says the least
Sit there upon your goddamn throne
Now watch your plaything groan

Put me to fire!
Put me to rest!
O' the bloom of endless Autumn

Bells and whistles in the night
Angels singing my demise
Clouds develop wandering the skies
Creaking trees, move to an eastern breeze
The suicidal thoughts are clean
New air on the other side for me to breathe
I'll shed this skin I've never known
Watch it curl and wrinkle on the forest floor
Track Name: Dance With Lightning
I will bite your arrows
I'm a rabid dog
Blood soaking meadow
Flowers blooming disease

These hands are soaked in pain
The smell of sulfur rain
I hold a talisman
For light against the dark

Thus, now I've come too far
To let it all be bled to death
Come get yours, I'll take mine
And leave it all to rest

The glazing eyes
The thickened skin
I howl at the moon
A heaviness in my breathe
We run!
We run free!
Hear the speech, be free!
Hear the melodies
Dance with the lightning!

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